Privacy Policy

We understand and respect your interests, the right to privacy, and the security of any personal information you provide online when visiting the website of This Privacy Policy describes our commitment to confidentiality, and the security of your personal data both when you visit the website of, and also when you decide to become our member.

Use of Application Form

  1. If you fill out an online form on our website, the personal information you enter into the form will only be sent to us when submitted. If you cancel the form, the data you entered will automatically disappear.
  2. Any information you enter will be stored in our system, which we will use to contact you if there is information regarding your account, such as an order transaction, account's expiration notice, reminder or any information useful to your website's progress.
  3. We have a strict commitment to the confidentiality of your personal data, and we will not misuse, provide and share your personal information with any party, unless it is related to security concerns.

Data Security

  1. We strive to protect your data by providing security standards, ie. by using data encryption of passwords  when the login on to our website
  2. However, we also need your help. For security reasons, you should always ensure the confidentiality of your data. You are not expected to disclose, share, confidential information with anyone, intentionally or unintentionally.
  3. Every account and password must always be kept securely, must be kept confidential, and do not forget or lose. If you feel your User ID and password information has been leaked to other parties, or feel any discrepancies relating to the security of your website data, please contact us for consultation and prevention.
  4. Periodically we always try to follow and update the development of website security technology and encryption, however, be aware that there is no system on the internet that can be ascertained 100% secure.
  5. We will not use your data for any purpose, and we will not provide your data to any parties, except upon your request and approval, as the owner of the website we will conduct a prior review of the request, and any judgment or consideration of whether or not upon the request is entirely ours


  1. A cookie is a string of information stored on a visitor's computer.
  2. We use cookies to and allow customers to login to their account.
  3. Some use of cookies to help identify and track visitors, which is useful for surveys against trends of website visitors. In addition, it is possible that certain features of our website may not work properly without the help of cookies

Privacy Inquiries

You can ask us about this Privacy Policy by:

     Send us an email as it is in Contact us?
     Send a letter to our address as it is in About Us, or
     Call to our office as it is in About Us