How to order

1.Open, Register or register your email at
2.Do a confirmation by clicking confirmation from sent to your email.
3.Login with your email account at
4.Search Products or choose the product you want,
  Products can be in three ways, namely:
   - Type the item you want in the "Search" column, or
   - Select the product category you want at the top of the main page
   - Type the product you want in the search field at the top of the main page.

   Once you find the product you want, click the image to see more information about the product you choose.
   Product information: Product brand, product type, availability status, shipping weight, and product price.
   Product specifications: Short description, required electrical power, features, and completeness.
   Product availability: Please contact us to get product availability information.

5.After selecting the product you want, input the product into the shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart.
6.Please click Shopping cart to enter the shopping cart page.
7.When entering in the shopping cart page, Please enter the city and destination postcode to get the estimated cost of postage, then click check out.
8.Next on the check out page some stages you need to do, among others;

- Enter the destination address on the bill details page,
- then check the address of the shipping details, click continue. Go to the page
- There will be an estimate of shipping costs according to the weight of the product you want to buy, check the lick kick further.
- Then will appear the payment method page, select payment method ongline banking, and select check list I have read and agree to the terms & conditions, then klick further.
- In the case of order consolidation, please check back your order, If it is appropriate then klick order confirmation.
- After klick confirmation of the order will be directly connected with the online payment link from the payment gateway.

9.When in the payment gateway page, an order summary will appear. Check back then click continue or continue.
10.Choose one of the payment methods, such as paying by bank transfer.
11.Then select one bank account used, then click see account number.
12.Please note the virtual account number for pa payment.
13.Then the display will return to front of
14.Immediately make a payment. After payment is received, the payment gateway will automatically send a notification that payment has been received, and we will process your order soon.
15.When you receive the order, the transaction is considered complete.