About Us

About Us

TedMore is created to reduce customers unnecessary expense while demanding “The Right Product for The Job”.  With TedMore, we deliver OEM quality at affordable price. We unify all your MROs needs under a single brand name you could immediately recognize and trust. Our TedMore® brand has grown to inventory a wide range of hand tools, pneumatic tools, automotive specialty tools, shop equipment and material handling equipment.

Sub Kategori 1

Sub Kategori 2

Abrasive (Alat Pengasah)

Wheel Abrasive

Pneumatic Tools (Alat Perkakas Angin)

Drill Air Tool

Grinder Air tool

Sander Air tool

Polisher Air Tool


Screwdriver Air Tool

Wrench Air Tool

Automotive Tools (Alat Bengkel Kendaraan)


Cleaning Equipment (Alat Kebersihan)

Consumer Cleaning Machine

Professional Cleaning Machine

Waste Management

Power Tool (Alat Perkakas Listrik)



Drill Electric Tool

Polisher Electric Tool

Generator (Genset)

Generator Home dan Portable

Machinery (Alat Permesinan)

Steel Fabricating

Material Handling & Lifting (Alat Angkat Material)

Height Access

Measuring & Testing (Alat Ukur dan Pengetesan)


Safety Protection Device (Alat Keselamatan Kerja

Environment Safety

Welding Equipment (Alat Pengelasan)

Plasma Cutting

Spot Welding